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SSS, the largest sports retailer in the middle east, is partnering with Al Hilal football club of the SPL (Saudi Professional League) bringing fans closer to their football heroes than ever before.

1) Fans can add photos of themselves, friends and family to the back of players jerseys that will be worn by the team throughout the whole season. Millions of viewers will see the images so you have the chance to really show that ”You Have Your Team’s Back”

2) As many as 10 photos can be uploaded per transaction. Each uploaded photo represents one pixel. Remember pixel spaces and player availability is limited so don’t miss your chance to support your favorite players.

3) Each photo will be pre-screened to ensure the quality of the image is acceptable (max size of each image is be 3mb. Dimensions 300px X 300px). Please allow up to 4h for confirmation if the image is acceptable. If the image is not accepted, you will be notified by Al Hilal to try again and re-upload or use another image.

4) Each pixel costs SAR 150. Payment must be made by Credit Card only. If the Credit Card is approved and payment is confirmed, only then will your images be considered for pre-screening. You have 1h to complete the payment before your session expires and you have to start again. If this happens, you will lose the pixels you selected and you must re-select them again or other available pixels when you enter a new session.

5) Once the payment is confirmed, your selected pixels will be saved for 24h. If you have received a notification to change your image but you fail to do so within 24h, then the pixels you selected will be released for the next fan to select and you will need to start again. Be sure to provide your correct contact details in the log-in section.

6) Al Hilal team jerseys (home kit, away kit and 3rd kit) will be printed with your photo on the back in the form of a mosaic. There are up to 500 pixel spaces per single number on the back of every players’ jersey. One pixel represents one fan image uploaded.

7) The first round of jerseys will be printed as soon as 50% of all pixels have been sold. Once 100% of the remaining pixels have been sold, the second round of printed jerseys will be provided to the team to wear for the remainder of the season.

8) No Refunds or exchange provided.

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