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Cookie Policy

In order to provide our customers with an online shopping experience with personalised features and content, you will need to allow your computer, tablet or mobile phone to accept cookies.
The cookies we use do not store sensitive or personal information such as your name, address or payment details. The cookies used on our site simply provide the 'key' that is associated with the information once you are signed in.

First-party Cookies

The table below explains the cookies used by our platform provider Magento on our site. Our site does not use all of the cookies below at the present time, but this list may be applicable in the future.

Cookie Name

Cookie Description


The association with your shopping cart.


Stores the category info on the page that allows displaying pages more quickly.


The items that you have in the ‘Compare Products’ list.


Your preferred currency.


An encrypted version of your customer ID with the store.


An indicator if you are currently logged into the store.


An encrypted version of the customer group you belong to.


Stores the Customer Segment ID.


A flag, which indicates whether caching is disabled or not.


Your session ID on the server.


Allow guests to edit their orders.


The last category you visited.


The most recent product you viewed.


Indicates whether a new message has been received.


Indicates whether it is allowed to use cache.


A link to information about your cart and viewing history if you have asked the site.


The ID of any polls you have recently voted in.


Information on what polls you have voted on.


The items that you have recently compared.


Information on products you have emailed to friends.


The store view or language you have selected.


Indicates whether a customer permitted the use of cookies.


The products that you have recently viewed.


An encrypted list of products added to your wishlist.


The number of items in your wishlist.

Third Party Cookies

The table below explains the cookies we use in order to better understand our customers and their needs.

Cookie Name

Cookie Description

Google Analytics

  • _utma
  • _utmb
  • _utmc
  • _utmz

Allows us to research usage trends and visitor trends.


Notifies user of current Cookie Policy.


Registers that user has viewed newsletter signup modal.


Used by system to display modal popups on the site.


Used to identify a type of category page by Magento.

Adobe Flash Cookies

Parts of Sun & Sand Sports may display video or animation content using Adobe Flash Player. Adobe uses Flash cookies (also known as Local Shared Objects) to help improve your experience as a user. Flash cookies are similar to usual cookies but they are managed differently by your browser.

If you wish to disable or delete a Flash cookie, see Adobe Flash player Security Settings. Please bear in mind, that if you disable Flash cookies for Sun & Sand Sports you'll be unable to access certain types of content on the site, such as videos or animations.

YouTube Cookies

We sometimes embed videos from YouTube channels using YouTube’s share/embed code feature. YouTube uses cookies to help maintain the integrity of video statistics, prevent fraud and to improve the site experience, among other things. YouTube uses cookies on both and on videos embedded from

Sun & Sand Sports 'Share' Options

If you wish to 'share' Sun & Sand Sports’ content with friends through social networks – such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+ – you may be sent cookies from these social sites without our prior knowledge. We do not control the setting of these cookies, so we suggest you check the third-party websites for more information about their cookies and how to manage them.